1. Definitions

  • "The Client" means the person, firm or company so named in The Proposal.
  • "The Company" means Dynco Ltd t/as Dynamic Consultants, its employees and associate consultants contracting with The Client for the provision of management consultancy services.
  • "The Proposal" means the offer in writing by The Company to undertake The Assignment.
  • "The Assignment" means the management consultancy services to be provided by The Company to The Client in accordance with The Proposal.
  • "The Contract" means the agreement between The Client and The Company consisting of The Proposal, The Client’s written acceptance of The Proposal, and these Conditions.

2. Application of conditions

Except where inconsistent with the express written terms of any contract between The Company and The Client, these conditions shall apply to all contracts for management consultancy services between The Company and The Client.

3. Formation of contract

No binding contract for the performance of will come into existence until The Company has received The Client’s written acceptance of The Proposal except where expressly agreed otherwise.

4. Fees

Fees as detailed in The Proposal are charged under The Contract for the time spent by The Company in performing The Assignment, including travelling time, whether at The Client’s premises or elsewhere.

No charge will be made for the time during The Assignment period represented by illness or voluntary absence of The Company, but no reduction is made for public, national or statutory holidays.

Overseas assignments

Fees and expenses will be paid by The Client in the currency and at the place shown in The Proposal. Fees for an overseas Assignment of up to four weeks’ duration are normally payable in advance.

If The Assignment is of a longer duration, the Fee oted in The Proposal will be paid as to one third in advance of the commencement of The Assignment, one third at the halfway stage of The Assignment and one third on completion of The Assignment except where agreed otherwise and confirmed in writing.

5. Expenses

5.1 General

Travel, subsistence and out of pocket expenses directly related to The Assignment will be charged to The Client at cost unless an overall fee including such expenses for The Assignment is agreed with The Client and recorded in The Proposal.

5.2 Overseas assignments

(i) Travel and subsistence costs

Prior to any travel overseas by The Company on The Client’s business, The Client will pay or advance, agreed travel and subsistence costs as set out in The Proposal.

The Client will make The Company’s travel and accommodation arrangements. Surface travel and accommodation will be at first class rate, short haul air fares (less than 3 hours) will be at tourist rate and long haul (greater than 3 hours) at Business class rate except where agreed otherwise and confirmed in writing.

(ii) Travel documents and work permits

The Company will endeavour to provide himself with any necessary visas and travel permits but The Client undertakes to assist where necessary. The Client is responsible for arranging Work Permits where necessary.

6. Value Added Tax

VAT will be added to The Company’s invoices at the current rate.

7. Payment

The Company will invoice The Client in accordance with The Proposal. Invoices are payable within 14 days of the invoice date. Invoices not paid within this period will be subject to an interest charge of 8% over the published base rate except where agreed otherwise and confirmed in writing.

8. Fee rates

The Company reserves the right to increase the fee rates shown in The Proposal to take account of inflation. The Company will give The Client three months notice of any increase in fee rates applicable to The Assignment.

9. Termination of assignment

The Assignment may be terminated by either party giving the other two weeks notice in writing. On termination, The Company will invoice The Client for work done and expenses incurred up to the end of the notice period.