Our approach to our consultancy work is designed to benefit our clients and to ensure that nothing other than your needs influences our advice.

Our managers are personally responsible for the company’s affairs as well as delivering your project on time and within budget. Their personal income is dependent on the satisfaction of our clients. This approach is at the very heart of our company ethos and by applying the following actions we deliver outstanding performance with every project.

A manager is responsible for delivery

For each project, our named delivery manager takes responsibility for delivery of the work. This is the same person who will have overseen the work from the very start. This manager is genuinely in charge of all aspects of the assignment. Clients can call on that person to account for any aspect of the project, to explain the work done to new members of staff, and to address any queries or disputes about the validity of the analysis. There is no risk of a discrepancy between the bid team and the project team, or of blurred responsibilities, project creep or passing the buck.

We prefer clearly defined projects

We ensure that the clients requirements are stated as precisely as is reasonably practicable before starting on each phase of the work. This minimises the risk of disputes as to whether the work promised has been delivered. It also enables the use of fixed price quotations, which protect clients against certain project risks.

We challenge our own work

Our internal devil’s advocacy culture means that the lines of reasoning included in our reports and coding have frequently been subject to robust attacks by colleagues, and then been amended to close down any vulnerabilities. This reduces the risk that the analysis is found wanting when it comes to be challenged by other interested parties.

We manage staff availability and workload

Our work planning arrangements and our Resource Planning System ensure that chargeable staff time is properly scheduled. This reduces the risk of staff overload and the temptation of cutting corners.