We now accept payment via direct debit from our UK clients

8th October 2014
We now accept payment via direct debit from our UK clients

Paying by direct debit not only makes it much easier to pay monthly invoices automatically and it reduces administration making payment processing more efficient. It's also backed by the safety of the direct debit guarantee!

Did you know that 75% of British adults use Direct Debit to make payments of one kind or another? Direct Debit is a flexible, efficient and well-proven way to collect payments.

direct-debitAs of this month (October), we will be using GoCardless to process our direct debit payments. GoCardless is a secure payment system that accepts most forms of accounts and credit cards other than those issued by Diners or American Express.

To set up your Direct Debit account with us online, simply click register and follow the on-screen instructions. A notification will be sent 3-5 days before any payments are requested giving you time to query any issues.

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What are the benefits of Direct Debit?

  • It allows you to spread the cost over a period that has been agreed with the organisation you are paying.
  • Direct debit payments come with a guarantee, this means that you are protected by three important safeguards:
    1. In the event of an error in the payment of your direct debit you are guaranteed your money back immediately from your bank.
    2. If the date or amount changes you will get advanced notice.
    3. You also have the right to cancel at any time.
  • It takes the hassle out of and saves you time by not having to worry about whether you have paid an invoice.