Productivity’s a picnic!

28th July 2014
Productivity’s a picnic!

This year at Dynamic Consultants has gone extremely fast. I feel like it was only yesterday we were wrapped up in our knitted sweaters, eating brussel sprouts and relaxing around the fireplace.

Since Christmas (there, I said it!) we have taken some fundamental steps to move forward and improve our business further. We have expanded our already diverse and experienced team and I am happy to say our four new members are already making a big difference to both our efficiency and our clients’ projects.

So now the summer is in full swing, and as a way of saying thank you, I asked the team if they fancied a summer picnic out in the sunshine away from the four white walls of the office. They jumped at the chance!

This year's team get-together saw us head for Chelmsford’s Hylands Park with its 574 acres of glorious parkland, the setting for all sorts of theatre, classical and rock concerts, and the world-class V festival. With families, food, and games in hand we ventured forth, donning our best hats, glasses and the all-important factor 50 sun cream for a fantastic day out in the sun!

Although getting together is a great way to relax outside the office environment, there is an important purpose behind such an event. When a team is motivated, they work better, feel appreciated and projects run more smoothly. I'm a great believer in showing my appreciation and this is one of the things I do, every six months, to say “thank you!” After all, a motivated team means a more productive business and a better service all round for our clients.