Dynamic Consultants celebrates four years in the business!

18th November 2013
Dynamic Consultants celebrates four years in the business!

It seems hard to believe that in 2009 I sat down with nothing more than a second-hand PC and a phone, and started a business. Today, four years later, not only am I sitting in a great office with state-of-the-art equipment but I am surrounded by a fantastic team of experienced and talented individuals.

But we couldn’t have done it without you! These four years have seen us grow partnerships with some impressive businesses and individuals. I would like to thank all our clients for choosing us as their creative consultancy and embarking on this journey with us.
We have faced some challenges along the way but these have been minor compared to our achievements. We now offer a diverse range of products and services but continue to research every aspect of our market to ensure we continually offer the best. We have evolved quickly and, while we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, we know it is just the beginning.

One of our biggest areas of improvement has been to introduce UK based hosting solutions on cloud-based technology meaning there is no longer a single point of failure on the servers where websites and emails are stored. We are also one of a handful of companies that can provide exchange emails on an individual basis.

But enough blowing our own trumpet, we have work to get on with!

One last thing though before I finish. These last four years have taught me a lot and I thought I would share my own top-ten list of ways to succeed:

1. Passion matters

My passion has been the lifeblood of the business. Everyone knows that without passion a business won’t survive. But the key here is that I know I can’t do everything myself. I have surrounded myself with a team of passionate people who are experts in their own fields. And the sum total has created a passionate business.

2. Put your clients first

However good we like to think we are the client comes first. Our clients want to know if we can help build their business, help solve their problems and engage their target audience. At Dynamic we get straight to the heart of our clients’ businesses and believe in giving exceptional client service.

3. Listen

We listen to our clients so we know what they really need. We continuously research our market and our clients’ markets and constantly monitor trends. This is how we are able to develop the new products and services that our clients need (sometimes before they know they need them!) and this has been key to the successful growth of the business.

4. Keep at the cutting edge

Things move fast in a digital world. Even within four years we have seen radical change and know that it is critical to remain flexible and at the cutting edge for our clients. We offer our clients creativity and technology in tandem. Ideas to inspire them, ideas to grow their businesses!

5. Meet challenges head on

The most important lessons I have learned along the way have come from our toughest challenges. Entrepreneurship is not plain sailing; it is not all freedom, flexibility and independence. Sometimes things go wrong. This is where you need to take a deep breath and let the bigger picture take over.

6. Keep focused

We have grown quickly and now offer many more services and products. We have never lost sight of the need to keep our focus on what we do best and offer the finest in what is out there. We keep researching to keep ahead of the game.

7. Delegate

As an entrepreneur I need a great team behind me. Knowing how to delegate has been critical - letting my team of experts do what they know best. This has enabled me to focus on the strategy of the business and concentrate on growth opportunities. The result is that under my direction our clients get the best of all of us, and receive a seamless, high-quality service.

8. Don’t compromise on your ethics

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. Our clients trust us and we trust them. As a result we enjoy our working relationships - which frankly makes life much more fun!

9. Keep it simple

Given the complexity of what we do we need to constantly remind ourselves to cut out what isn’t absolutely essential. We are in the business of communicating; technology is there to improve that communication not get in the way of it. We focus on significant innovations, keeping our target clear, undistracted by fads.

10. Have vision

Know what you want, define who you are and know where you want to be. But keep revisiting your assumptions as the world will be changing around you. We have adapted to the changing needs of our clients, evolving over the last four years from a web design agency into a full service consultancy.