Dynamic Consultants' 5th anniversary!

3rd November 2014
Dynamic Consultants' 5th anniversary! The team at Dynamic Consultants celebrated the 5th anniversary with branded cake!

Today we reached a major milestone! Thanks to our fantastic clients and the expert work of the Dynco team we have beaten the odds, flown in the face of the statistics and are proud to be part of a successful and growing business. We thought that deserved a piece of cake!

There is no doubt that small to medium enterprises have been struggling in the current economic climate. According to Statistic Brain, 25% of businesses fail in their first year, only 50% make it to year five and just 25% survive 10 years. And as many as 46% fail due to incompetency as the business owners simply do not have the right skills to direct their business to success.

It is statistics like these that have made us sit up and take notice. We have taken the very advice we would give our own clients and evolved to meet the changing needs of our market. Founder/director Daniel Cook says:

"I realised that some small start-up companies coming to me to build websites and produce targeted print material were struggling in all sorts of surprising ways to keep their businesses afloat. As a result, Dynamic Consultants, which started life as a conventional web design and marketing agency, has now diversified into a full-service business consultancy focusing heavily on teaching and business support. We’ve adapted our business model and now reach out to local businesses to help them maximise their potential and grow in spite of the current economic challenges."

"That 46% failure rate due to incompetency is what we need to tackle so there is an education process going on here. Whether it’s to support them in strategy, market research, planning, self-development, team building or even cash flow, our approach is not to let a business struggle on alone. We have also been working with local councils Thurrock, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Southend providing coaching for fledgling businesses, and more recently Thurrock has commissioned marketing clinics in which business owners are provided one-to-one consultations."

We are creating jobs and have helped in excess of 20 Essex SMEs to drive their businesses forward

"I’m not saying it has been an easy ride for us; it has certainly involved a lot of hard work. I am continually reinvesting in the business, expanding the team and building the brand. But it has its rewards. We are creating jobs and have helped in excess of 20 Essex SMEs to drive their businesses forward. We have now been accepted as a delivery partner for the Government Growth Vouchers scheme and are members of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, a thriving and entrepreneurial development community which brings together enterprise support professionals, established business owners, enterprising professionals from larger organisations, and aspiring business owners. We even made finalist twice in the 2014 Mid- Essex Business awards!"

"So we’re feeling a bit like celebrating today. The small businesses of Essex are what make Essex great and we are glad to be a part of supporting their future!"

We had been ticking over with the business fairly quiet until Dan stepped in to liven things up. Within a week of the new website going live we had in excess of 250 enquiries, a major feat in itself, but just as importantly we had a greater understanding of how to drive our business forward.Tracy Webb of Fun Castles, Essex