The Sweet Taste Of Success - 8 Examples Of Great Marketing for Pancake Day.

27th February 2017 Informative, Marketing 2232
The Sweet Taste Of Success - 8 Examples Of Great Marketing for Pancake Day. Anyone interested in indulging on pancake day will be super tuned in to marketing posts.

This Tuesday, 28th February, is Pancake Day.  Start flipping your social media posts to suit, and enjoy the sweet taste of success with our guide to making the most of date specific marketing.

It doesn't take a top marketeer to work out that mentioning trending topics in marketing posts will gain extra attention from your customers and followers.  Whether you are cashing in on relevant news stories, or offering hints, tips and information on a special date, you can gain more views by being date specific in your campaigns.

Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday as it’s officially known) can mean much more to your business than just an excuse to binge on sweet treats.  Pancake Day is generally well promoted, with supermarkets displaying ingredients and recipe suggestions for at least a couple of weeks.  You too can get in on the action by promoting your brand with relevant posts.

Anyone interested in indulging on pancake day will be super tuned in to marketing posts and information mentioning the magic words, meaning your business will benefit from increased exposure and extra engagement.

It’s not just the food sector that can benefit either.  Sure, if your business is food specific you’d be mad not to make mention of the date.  But every business can find an angle to tie in to their products and services too.  Promote a deliciously sweet special offer for example, or design social media posts that encourage your followers to share their preferences or opinions, thus making your brand a trending talking point.

Here are out favourite ways to promote your business this Pancake Day:

1. Polls

Ask your audience what their favourite filling is, or their favourite recipe for pancakes. Get them talking about your brand, and sharing your posts.

2. Videos

Whether they are informative or amusing, videos are always a great way to increase likes and shares on your social media platforms.

3. Jokes

Getting your audience giggling is an awesome way of increasing engagement.

4. Images

A simply way to grow your following. Mouth-watering pictures of perfect pancakes will inspire and delight your audience.

5. Competitions

Ask your audience to post their pancake pics to win a money-off voucher, or free gift - whatever suits you best.

6. Recipes

People will be searching for pancake recipes, share some to increase engagement. You could even look for alternative and interesting recipes to offer them something unique.

7. Infographics

If a picture speaks a thousand words, an infographic speaks millions! Informative and easy to digest, infographics are a great way to gain the attention of your target audience.

8. Hashtags

Don’t forget to make sure your twitter feed is littered with the #PancakeDay hashtag to ensure maximum exposure on the day.

Here at Dynamic Consultants our marketing experts know exactly how to plan marketing campaigns to include date specific posts to help grow your business.  Find out more today, call us on 0844 66 46 900 to see how we can help.