Successful entrepreneurship - the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone

4th November 2014 Business 853
Successful entrepreneurship - the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone

If you’re like most people in business today, you’ve probably heard multiple times that, in order to be successful, you need to “break out of your comfort zone” and do something that you wouldn’t do in a typical situation.

The question that many people have however is simply this; what exactly is a “comfort zone” and why is getting out of it so damn important?

In simple terms, your particular comfort zone is your daily routine and what you’re used to doing. If you’re in sales, it means that you have a regular sales routine that you go through with every customer and, frankly, if it’s working and you’re a top salesperson, you might be just fine.

On the other hand, if your career as a salesperson is going nowhere because, well, you just can’t seem to make any sales, then that typical routine, your comfort zone, is holding you back and keeping you from the success you need and deserve.

Your security blanket

What your comfort zone does is give you a type of “security blanket” that keeps your stress and anxiety low and manageable.

If you’re a bus driver, a homemaker or someone who has a set, daily routine that doesn’t need to change, your comfort zone is a good thing. But, if you’re in a career that is cutthroat, where your performance is always being measured (and affects your income) it can be very detrimental.

The fact is, scientists have discovered that humans perform better when they are in a state of relative anxiety, with stress and anxiety levels slightly higher than normal. They call this a person’s “optimal anxiety”.

Your optimal anxiety is just outside of your comfort zone and keeps you “on your toes” so that you perform better, faster, stronger, etc. If you’ve ever really pushed yourself to accomplish something, or taken on a challenge that caused your adrenaline to surge and then overcame that challenge, you know that the results can be fantastic.

It’s tricky however because, if you have too much stress and anxiety, your performance can really take a nosedive.

What can breaking out of your comfort zone do for your career?

So now that we know exactly what a comfort zone is, what are some of the good reasons for breaking out of it?
One of the most important is simply that your productivity will increase significantly. When a person pushes their personal boundaries they tend to get more done, find better ways to accomplish things and accomplish them faster as well.

People who get out of their comfort zone on a regular basis also have a much easier time dealing with unexpected changes. Change can be scary, no doubt, but if you challenge yourself regularly and learn to control your fear and anxiety, you’ll be better prepared to handle those changes when they occur.

Breaking out

Breaking out of your comfort zone can also help you to connect with your creativity.

New experiences that push your boundaries can help you to learn new skills, inspire new thoughts and give you a new take on an old ideas. Being a little bit uncomfortable can actually help you to see problems in a new light and even help you to brainstorm problems and find solutions more easily.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to breaking free of your daily, comfortable routine. Pushing yourself and taking some risks, if done correctly and in a relatively controlled environment, can lead directly to improved results no matter what career you might have.

Hopefully you now realise how important stepping outside your comfort zone is. We are able to offer advise on how to step outside of yours through working with one of our advisors. If you have any questions, please get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you with advice and information.