The importance of maintaining your health at work

5th June 2015 Business 891
The importance of maintaining your health at work

Ask practically anyone in the UK if taking care of their health is important and, these days, the vast majority will give you a resounding “yes!" Asking those same people if taking care of their health while they are at work is also important, and most will likely say, “it is?”

Yes, it definitely is!

The fact is that, while our health outside of work is definitely important, we actually spend more time at work than we do at home, over 60% of our waking hours. (Unless of course you work from home.)

Healthier employees lend to a better working atmosphere and higher morale also and, in general, enjoy their work more.

Staying healthy at work has benefits for both you, the employee, as well as your employer. For example, a healthier employee is more motivated, less likely to take time off for illness and has a quicker recovery time after an accident. Healthier employees lend to a better working atmosphere and higher morale also and, in general, enjoy their work more.

For employers, having healthy employees is just as beneficial and important. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, are more productive and suffer from fewer workplace injuries. They usually stay with the company longer as well, which reduces training costs and results in a more positive corporate image.

Entrepreneurial health is vital

Keeping your health in excellent shape as an entrepreneur is even more important because, if you get sick or hurt, there's nobody around to replace you. In fact, staying as healthy as possible should be a part of any entrepreneur's business plan, as well as making sure that any employees or associates that you have stay in tip-top shape too.

When it comes down to it, a healthy person will be able to earn more during their lifetime than someone who is constantly sick, overweight, smokes or abuses alcohol and/or drugs. As an entrepreneur, staying healthy will also help you to make sure that you never miss a business opportunity and are always there to take a sales call.

Keep your health in check

Staying healthy at work is actually quite easy if you already stay healthy at home. It means eating the right foods, getting in some exercise (or at least some stretching) during the day, keeping your stress to a minimum (if possible) and cutting out things like smoking or excessive drinking.

When you consider that, in the UK, over £100 billion is spent or lost every year due to health related issues, and that absenteeism accounts for 172 million lost working days every year, you quickly see that staying healthy is not only important to the individual but to the UK economy as a whole.

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