Successful entrepreneurship – the power of networking

7th January 2015 Business 1038
Successful entrepreneurship – the power of networking

While the term “networking” might be one of the most overused of the last couple of decades, the truth is that there are few activities more potent for growing a business and boosting your success as an entrepreneur than networking.

Being a successful entrepreneur

The reason is simple; when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, developing your skills and knowledge base are vital, and networking will help with both. That’s because networking brings you in contact with others in the same industry, with the same mindset, and who can help you along in your business.

Think of networking like building friendships. If you’ve ever known someone with a large circle of close friends, you know that, when they have troubles, face challenges or need help, they can rely on those people to be there for them and give them the advice and support they need.

Networking today is certainly a bit different than it used to be

Having a large network of contacts can be quite similar and help you when you face challenges in your business. When you have trusted sources of information you can oftentimes get answers or a fresh look at a certain situation that might help you to overcome a challenge or solve a problem.

Networking today is certainly a bit different than it used to be, especially with the advent of the Internet and “social networking” online. Its essence is still the same however; meeting new people, exchanging ideas and helping each other to grow in business.

Putting a face to the ideas

Whenever possible it’s great to actually get out and meet people in person, and put a face behind the ideas and opinions that you’ve been relying on. Indeed, having an active network of people in and around your industry can open doors to new opportunities of all kinds, and fresh ideas that you might not have thought about on your own.

Keep in mind that networking is about give and take. If you’re brand-new in business you might not have a lot to give besides positive feedback or a shoulder to lean on, but as you gain experience and skills (in many cases due to the help from network contacts that you’ve made) be sure to reciprocate and help those who are just getting started.

Hopefully you now realise the power of networking. We are able to offer advise on networking for your business, just contact one of our advisors. If you have any questions, please get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you with advice and information.