Successful entrepreneurship - following up

12th November 2014 Business 809
Successful entrepreneurship - following up

To see how important following up is to your success as an entrepreneur, let’s take a look at a situation that many of us have faced.

Let’s say that you’re in your 20s, single and at a party. An attractive person of the opposite sex approaches you and you strike up a conversation. Before you know it, you’re getting along wonderfully but, unfortunately, this attractive, interesting person has to leave. Before they do however they give you their phone number and ask you to “give them a call so we can get together” and you happily tell them that yes, you’ll do that.

And then let’s say that you never do

What exactly do you think the chances are that the two of you will get together again, or have any chance of a wonderful relationship? Probably slim to none, yes?

A great habit to get into is to end every conversation by letting your prospective customer know that you’re going to call them back

The same thing happens when you meet a prospective client or customer for the first time. You give them your sales pitch, brochures and business card and, if you’ve done your job correctly, there’s a good chance that you’ve instilled a bit of interest and created a bit of an affinity for yourself and your products/services.

If you never follow up with that prospective customer again however, that affinity will soon fade and, even worse, they might form the opinion that you don’t care about their business, or even worse, that you’re lazy, both of which won’t go very far in getting you any new business.

This holds true even if you briefly meet someone on the street and, after telling them what you do, they seem interested and you exchange contact information. Following up with that person within a day or two after your initial meeting, either by giving a phone call or sending an email, will let them know that you’re interested in their business and show them that you have initiative.

Let’s take another example

Say that you’re contacted by a prospective client and they ask you to send brochures and other information about your new company. Of course you’re going to send that information out right away but, even more importantly, you should make a note on your calendar to call that potential customer back in one or two days in order to:

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  • Make sure that they received it
  • Ask them if they have any questions
  • Ask them if they would like to do business with you
  • Ask them for the sale

While there certainly are a number of things that could happen during your follow-up phone call, if you never follow-up the worst thing happens; nothing.

Keep in mind

There’s a fine line between following up with a customer and badgering them. A great habit to get into is to end every conversation by letting your prospective customer know that you’re going to call them back in the future to follow up with them, and tell them more or less when that will be.

Whether it’s in a day, a week or a month, letting them know that you’re going to follow up and then following through on that promise are both vital to your success.

Hopefully you now realise how important it is to follow up potential customers. We are able to offer advise on ensuring you are following up through one of our advisors. If you have any questions, please get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you with advice and information.