SEO - How crucial is it to a small business?

26th August 2014 Business, Web design 890
SEO - How crucial is it to a small business?

Before answering the question about how crucial SEO is to a small business, it’s important to know exactly what SEO is and what it does.

Search Engine Optimization is 100% a product of the Internet age. Before the Internet there was no such thing as SEO because there was no such thing as a search engine.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are today extremely large and powerful online companies for one specific reason; they are the library of the Internet and, when a person has a question or is searching for information, they use these search engines to find it much like a person would search for a book in the library.

Normally what a person does first when they begin searching for something online is to type in a word, set of words or possibly even a sentence that refers to that thing they are searching for.

Once that word or words have been typed in, the particular search engine almost instantly gives the user links to hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of websites, blogs and other Internet locations that pertain to that thing.

SEO refers directly to these key words, whatever they might happen to be, and the specific use of them in order to make sure that your website or blog is one of the links that shows up on the search engine results page.

Why are these words important?

Okay, so we know that SEO refers to the words that people use when they search for things online using big search engines like Google. Why is that crucial to your small business?

Simply this; unless the words that people are using give search results / links that include your particular business, and unless these results / links end up on the first results page of Google, the chance of someone actually finding your website, and subsequently your business, is going to be extremely small.

Statistically speaking, the chance that someone searching for a product or service will go beyond the first page of search engine results is less than 10%. That translates to less than one in every 10 people going to page 2 of search results or beyond, meaning that if they don’t find your particular business on page 1, they won’t see your business, and your links, at all.

That’s why SEO is so crucial, as well as knowing how to use it correctly.

Many people believe that SEO is simply a matter of knowing a little bit about keywords or phrases and then throwing them into a blog article or dispersing them around the website.

In fact, it’s much more than this, something most business owners find out after their own SEO efforts fail miserably.

Simply put, using SEO correctly is the best way to ensure that prospective customers will be able to find your business when they search for the types of products and services that you make. Without it, it’s like your company doesn’t even exist.

And that’s why SEO is so crucial for small businesses.

Hopefully you now realise how important SEO is for your business. We are able to offer advise on how to make sure your SEO is working for you through our advisors. If you have any questions, please get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you with advice and information.