Proofing For Perfection

20th September 2017 Informative 806
Proofing For Perfection Failing to proofread anything you publish online can be detrimental to your business.

Proofreading is the careful examination of any kind of written text to enable you to identify and rectify any issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation and even the style of the piece. It is vital that you check over all of these before publishing your content.

Errors in your copy are not only a potential cause of embarrassment, they can in some cases lead to misunderstandings or changes in meaning which could cost your company dearly. Spare your blushes and ensure that your written work always equals perfect prose.

Avoid mistakes

Here are some useful tips to help avoid unnecessary mistakes in your copy:

  • Read the finished piece out loud. When you read through in this way, spelling mistakes are easier to notice, as are grammatical errors like a lack of punctuation.
  • Research your spellings and don’t just rely on the spell check on your word processor. Some spellings are unusual or unique and may not be recognised as being incorrect by a spell checker.
  • Look at your piece with fresh eyes. New eyes often pick up mistakes you may have initially missed.
  • Keep in mind the errors you prone to making and review your work specifically for these.

Failing to proofread anything you publish online can be detrimental to your business. Having mistakes in your copy makes you look unprofessional and can effect your reputation for being a first class specialist within your market place.

Add value

Add value to your business by ensuring that:

  • You always produce correct, concise, clear and consistent documents.
  • You appear professional and reliable- two traits that customers look for.
  • You create a great first impression.
  • You avoid potential misunderstanding.
  • You always produce high quality material.

Take the time to read through your copy and remember; spelling counts, so make it right!

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