Poll: Are flexible hours the answer to World Cup fatigue?

11th June 2014 Business, Informative 902
Poll: Are flexible hours the answer to World Cup fatigue?

There are fears that late nights spent watching the World Cup will lead to decreased productivity. Will your small business act to combat this?

It's nearly upon us. Thursday sees the opening game of the World Cup, and the following 30 days will see the nation swept along by football's showpiece tournament.

The 2014 event is being held in Brazil, meaning kick-off for some of the 64 games, including at least one England match, will be taking place between 11pm and 2am.

There is some concern over what the World Cup, and in particular the timing of the matches, could mean to SMEs. A survey of bosses revealed fears that late nights, accompanied by relaxed licensing laws, could cause decreased productivity and potentially increase unauthorised staff absences.

One potential way to avoid the World Cup pitfalls is to increase the flexibility that staff are offered during the tournament, and we'd like to know how small businesses feel about this strategy. Will you be allowing flexible working hours - or are you fed up of being put under pressure to do so? Do you think this will be effective in keeping staff on-task outside of the main match times?

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