New Top Level Domain names now available

29th April 2014 Business, Marketing 1041
New Top Level Domain names now available

Let us find you the perfect domain name today

At last you can have a unique, targeted and memorable domain name that will become a part of your business identity. Following an increase of top level domains (the words that follow the dot in website addresses) small businesses now have the opportunity to acquire a relevant suffix that can focus on their industry or location, for example,, or There are a number of these new domain suffixes available today and another thousand or more being rolled out on an ongoing basis. Once registered to you they are available for immediate use.

What are the benefits?

Instant marketing, better brand definition and improved awareness. You can make your domain name unique so that it stands out from all the rest and your customers will be able to recognise and remember your product or service immediately.

Are you a photographer or do you own a lighting company? Do you sell or design clothing? Options for all of these and many more are available for immediate use in place of the traditional .com,, .net etc making it much easier for you to find a relevant domain name for your business.

What exactly is available?

These domain names are now available:

.academy .agency .bargains .bike .blue .boutique .build .builders .buzz .cab .camera .camp .careers .center .ceo .cheap .clothing .club .codes .coffee .company .computer .construction .contractors .cool .dance .democrat .diamonds .directory .domains .education .email .enterprises .equipment .estate .farm .florist .futbol .gallery .gift .glass .graphics .guitars .guru .holdings .holiday .house .immobilien .institute .international .kim .kitchen .kiwi .land .lighting .limo .link .london .luxury .management .marketing .menu .moda .ninja .photography .photo .photos .pics .pink .plumbing .recipes .red .repair .reviews .sexy .shoes .singles .social .solar .solutions .support .systems .tattoo .technology .tips .today .training .uno .ventures .voting .voyage .watch .works .zone

What’s the cost?

Prices start from £45 plus VAT. This includes registration, set up and administration on our servers for a year. Click below and let us set up your new domain name today.

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