Moving your phone system to the Cloud

22nd July 2015 Business 901

Dynamic Consultants is now offering advanced, cloud-based VoIP phone services to our customers.

This service is going to help you no matter where your business might be.

From start-ups looking to save money, growing businesses that need to be able to expand and support new staff quickly, and established businesses that are looking to replace their old, outdated phone system, Dynamic Consultants new VoIP services are going to be extremely helpful and affordable.

The fact is, moving your phone system to the cloud gives you several features and benefits you might not even have thought about, including;

• Call prices from 1p per minute
• Maintenance free service
• Quick, easy set-up
• More effective call management
• Increased productivity
• Effective cost control
• Scalability
• Single solution phone management

Dynamic Consultants can create a bespoke VoIP package for your business, so if you’re interested (and you should be, this is great stuff!), email us now.