Is branding important for your small business?

3rd August 2016 Business, Marketing 1120
Is branding important for your small business?

Simply speaking, yes!  It is vital that your business has a cohesive branding strategy in place, no matter how small your start up may be.  Your branding is engrained in the way your market place remembers your business.  Get it right first time, and your branding will grow alongside your brand.

Your branding is one of the most important aspects of the image you portray to your customers. Sure, your perfectly packaged products and services are what your customers are paying for, but the way your logo looks, and the colours, voice and feel of your company are equally as important at the end of the day.

Branding is the bits that we remember.

The way your logo looks, the words your slogan say; they are what sets us apart from our competition.  This is true regardless of the size of your company of the type of products or services you sell.

When you take the plunge and start your business, just as soon as are ready to go you should have your new logo and branding in place. You may have your very own ideas of what you want it to look like, or perhaps want to leave it to the experts like our team at Dynamic Consultants.

But, why should I spend money on branding?

Branding often comes low on the to-do list of many small businesses. But, think of your branding as your reputation and you may start to realise that it is not an area of your business plan that should be ignored. Branding is all about the impression you make, and to make the with impression you need your branding to convey what is special about your business as well as showing y our business in a positive light.

Of course, many small businesses make a good impression most of the time without ever giving a thought to their brand. But think how much more successful you would be if you gave a good impression all of the time.

Identify your USP's

USP is a good old fashioned marketing buzzword which stands for "unique selling points".  Distinguish what make your different from your competition and, who you are aiming to sell to, and how you are aiming to sell your products or services to them. This will become your company ethos which will, in turn, represent your company values that apply to everything you do, clearly and consistently.

Creating the right impression

Your company name, the way you answer the phone, what your customers say when they're asked about you - these things all build to create an impression of your company and what it's like to do business with you.  This becomes your brand. Keeping your brand, looking and sounding just right, is key to good growth!

"Identity is cause; brand is effect. And the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter" Larry Ackerman, The Identity Circle

Think of some of major corporations that have become an everyday part of our lives.  We can recognise them at a distance because we know just what their logos represent. From budget brands and bargain stores, to top of the range up-market designers, we know them all just from one quick glance. Make your business just as recognisable for all to see.

Big branding for small business

We often think that Branding is for the big players in the market, but actually it’s important for all businesses, whatever it’s size!

You may think as a self-employed, a sole trader painter and decorator that you don’t need to be branded. But that is not the case.  Think about it… your cards will have your business name on, even if it’s just your name. Your van will probably have some sort of sign writing on it, even it it’s just your name and contact details. Your Facebook page will be named after your company, again even if it’s just your name. You will have examples of your work, showing that you are a worthy trader. You may even be subscribed to the likes of ‘Trust-a-Trader’, where again you would need to put your company name. So before you know it, your "brand" really is out there in the big wide world, and needs to be noteworthy enough to be remembered.

From initial logo ideas, right through to full branding strategies, website development and marketing campaigns, Dynamic Consultants can turn your company into an easily recognisable brand. Call us today on 0844 66 46 900 or click here to contact us by email today.