Introducing Real Time Analytics

22nd July 2015 Company News 1323
Introducing Real Time Analytics

Some of the most import analytical data about your business comes from your website. More specifically, who’s looking at it, when are they looking and, most importantly, how long are they staying on your site.

Check out our new service!

Important data, we think you’ll agree, and our new Real Time Analytics service, let’s you see this data at a glance (and a whole lot more too!)

Real Time Analytics is an analytical tool that allows you to see who’s on your site in real-time and, even better, interact with them in various ways. The service was designed to do a number of things, like help you understand what’s happening daily on your website, identify problem areas and their solutions and, as we said, reach out to customers on your site while they’re actually there.

The service offers several great features, including;

  • Website Visitor Videos, which show you where visitors to your site are pointing their mice (squeak squeak) in real time, so that you can see what’s drawing their attention (and what’s not). You can record mouse movements for later viewing and study too!
  • A Live Dashboard, designed to give you a quick but thorough overview of your website and what’s happening at any given moment.
  • Live Chat Software, which lets you engage directly with customers who are live on your site.
  • Heat Maps, including the aforementioned mouse movement heat map, mouse click heat map and a scroll depth heat map too.
  • Online Polls and Surveys, which can give you incredibly valuable feedback and increase your engagement with your customers at the same time. These can be narrowed for certain pages and certain countries too. Sweet!
  • Online Form Analytics, which let you see EXACTLY which fields are the ones where potential customers are abandoning your forms, which fields take the longest to fill out, and even which of them are repeated the most.
    Real Time Analytics is just another one of the excellent services that we’re proud to offer our customers, and we believe the data it can provide will be invaluable to your business.

If you're interested in knowing more about this service, or wish to take up a free 7-day trial, email us.