How blogging can benefit your business

24th May 2017 Marketing 895
How blogging can benefit your business A blog page can offer your brand more exposure and create an online audience.

A Blog is defined as “a discussion or informational site published on the Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)” Usually consisting of 500 words or less, and containing topics that are engaging and informative, your blogs are little written conversations with the world.

In business terms, a blog page can offer your brand more exposure and create an online audience. Here is a list of benefits for using a blog as a marketing tool:

Blogs drive traffic to your website

A blog that is engaging and easy to read, will help to drive traffic to your website.  This is highly relevant as it will ultimately provide you with more leads.

Blogging builds trust and gives you a platform to display your expertise

Your customers need to believe in you and your products. Online shopping may offer plenty of bargains, but buyers can be hesitant when they can’t actually see or feel the quality of the items until after they have paid for it. Blogs, along with a good selection of customers reviews, can help build trust with your potential customers.  Regular, friendly, enlightening and well written blog posts about your products or services can educate your buyers and make them feel happier about buying from you.

Blogs speak volumes about your business

A well maintained and regularly updated blog page helps your brand to develop its own voice and personality.  Making your blog posts lighthearted and conversational reflect the nature of your brand and the personalities behind it.  Customers like to focus on the “real people” behind a brand, as people buy people not just products. This will also help you to gain a loyal following.

Blogs work in real time

Because blogs are easy to write and update, they are just about as up to date as your social media posts are.  Share between the two, linking your blogs on your social media feeds and vice versa.  This way you are always relevant and keeping your audience up to date on products, services and newsworthy opinions. A good blog, and a good blogger, will jump on the bandwagon of what’s on the lips of the population in order to keep your business fresh in the minds of their audience.

Google loves a blog

Blog pages help to boost your SEO power as every new post is fresh content.  Each new addition to your web page offers your business another chance to rank higher in search engine results. Blogs are a great way to help with your SEO rankings in an organic and natural way.  Google no longer just places sites higher up for mentioning key words, those clever Google robots scan for original copy and place sites accordingly.

Blogs are free

If you can write well enough, you can easily update your blog page without any additional cost to your business.  Even if you are wary of writing them yourself, there are a host of bloggers out there who will write them for you, for a reasonable fee.

Companies that have blog pages benefit from 55% more visitors to their websites! Those are the kind of figures that you just can’t ignore. Find out more about how we can help your blog page to soar, speak to us today on 0844 66 46 900.

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