Getting into the small business mindset

4th July 2016 Business, Informative 1000

There are two very distinct types of business owners, those that consider themselves to be “self-employed” and those that consider themselves to be “entreprenuers”.  Where do you see yourself and your business?

To define exactly what kind of business owner you are, you need to consider the mindset you have when looking for the best ways to grow your business.  Having the right mindset from the start will allow you to take your business to the next level, in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Being an entrepreneur does not make you a millionaire with your own island and tons of cash in the bank - well not to start off with at least - but it does make you a certain type of business owner.  Reach beyond what is expected and watch your business boom.

Want to know how to be successful?  Well, of course, don’t we all.  Dynamic Consultants can’t offer you the winning lottery ticket to success, but we can give you some great ideas on how to get into the “zone” from the outset.

Try these ideas for size;

Ask your customers first

Many folk believe that having the right product is the key to becoming successful.  This is not always the case.  You need to find out what your customers really want, before you can offer it to them. Speaking to, or connecting with existing or potential new customers can give your an epic advantage when it comes to finalising the products or services you sell.

Create a new market

As important as finding out what your customers really want, is finding a gap in the market for it.  Your product or service needs to be unique, and offer more value than your competitors do.  You need to make a new place in the market for it.  Think big, think different and think about the added value your product offers your buyers.

Networking works

Business owners large and small have long been aware of the benefits of business networking.  Meet other owners within your marketplace, or those who work in a new area that could offer  mutually beneficial advantages to both of you.  Networking can also help you to raise much needed funds when starting out.

Understand your brand

Your brand is your calling card.  Branding is much more than just a memorable logo. Good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Keep your brand in top shape and success will follow.

Think positive

Yes, we know that sounds a little bit lame, but having a positive mindset really can help you succeed.  Focusing on your brand and your business is a positive way to find new opportunities down many different avenues.  Become your brand, promote it at every level and to everyone who may be interested. Stay positive, even when the chips are down, and see your business grow.

Mindset misdemeanours

Having the right mindset is  helpful, having the wrong frame of mind however, is definitely a hinderance.  Try to avoid the following at all costs;

  • Never be too scared to charge what you are worth - you are the best, make people pay for it
  • Never lose focus - don’t spend your life working hard on the wrong things, just to see poor results
  • Always plan ahead - you’ll never hit the target if you don’t know what you are aiming for
  • Be confident - and show it.  Being an entrepreneur is no job for the meek
  • Stick with you first plan - don’t chop and change looking for the next new thing.  Stick with it.
  • Actions speak louder than words - show the world your strengths and never worry about what they think of you.  Be bold, be brave and be successful.

Having the right mindset will take you a long way.  If you would like further tips on how to start your business as an entrepenuer, speak to us today on 0844 66 46 900 to find out how we can help you to grow your business, or download our FREE ebook "18 steps to business success" today!