Get .EU domain name

22nd July 2015 Marketing 3325
Get .EU domain name

With the potential to reach more than 500 million customers across Europe, you may want to consider getting a .EU domain name for your business?

Why get an .EU domain for your business?

.EU is short, memorable, and because it's only available to businesses in member countries, a .EU web address reassures prospective customers you're subject to all regional laws and trading standards.

39% of European consumers do research online before purchasing a product*. And more than half of Internet users actively change their minds about which brand to buy based on information they find online**.

A growing number of Europe-focused companies choose to boost their online presence with a .eu domain name. Here’s why:

Raise visibility

A .eu domain name signals to prospects that you are open for business across the European Union, in the official EU language(s) of your choice. With a single website that speaks to potential customers in 28 countries, you exponentially broaden your market.

Cut costs

When choosing a .eu domain name, your business has to be registered in one of the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. However, .eu offers you a worldwide online presence, without the need of a separate office or website for each country. Expanding into new markets is a major step, but having a foot in the door in every EU market and beyond means that you can expand at your own pace. You can realise your ambitions when the time is right for you.

Signal trustworthiness
A .eu website tells your customers that you are a legal entity recognised in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and are therefore subject to the EU law and other relevant trading standards.
The fact that only businesses established in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are eligible to register .eu domain names means that everyone clearly sees your business credentials.

Protect customers online
At .eu, we have taken steps within the Internet’s infrastructure to collectively protect all .eu domain names by implementing the DNSSEC protocol, one of the first large top-level domains to do so. If you activate DNSSEC for your domain name, this behind-the-scenes security measure reduces the chance that your customers will be led to fake, ill-intentioned websites and tricked into supplying personal information.

* Forrester Research, “Depicting European Shoppers’ Complex Purchasing Decision Path” by Lauriane Camus et al, November 2009.
** European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) European Media Landscape Report, December 2010.

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