Examples of websites with big backgrounds

3rd June 2013 Marketing, Web design 1009
Examples of websites with big backgrounds

In today's ever expanding technological world, monitor resolutions and internet speeds are advancing for the better, it seems like more and more designers like ourselves are using over-sized photos or illustrated images as a website's background. Large background images can offer a stunning visual effect to a website giving instant impact, especially when viewed using a high resolution monitor. It can also add more life to a site design compared to the traditional tiled background graphic.

Here is an inspirational gallery featuring examples of websites that use big background images. Although we build great websites with big background images ourselves, we wanted to feature a few examples that showcase what is possible in the hope of providing inspiration to others, and to give our stamp of approval! These websites have been designed with a minimalistic feel and have incorporated clever imaging to good effect.


Websites with big backgrounds

Christian Woo_2013-06-03

1. Christian Woo - Interior Designers

August - Digital Marketing Agency

2. August - Digital Marketing Agency

Osborne Drums

3. Daniel Osbourne - Drummer & Musician

Maersk Fleet

4. Maersk Fleet - Logistics

Twelve Restaurant

5. Twelve - Restaurant & Lounge bar

Go To China

6. Go To China - This website is the result of a study-trip to Shanghai and Beijing

Royal Museums Greenwich

7. Royal Museums Greenwich - The world's largest maritime museum, London

Guy Vernes

8. Guy Vernes - Maison des arts


9. OwlConcept - a team of freelancers

Preservation Initiatives

10. Preservation Initiatives - urban development firm


11. CAU - Argentinian restaurants

Merus Wines

12. Merus Wines - Wine makers

Sick City Club

13. Sick City Club - musicians


14. Ebony Cuts - Rare music archives

Mercedes House

15. Mercedes House - Development property website