Do you know what your online reputation is?

20th August 2014 Business, Marketing 867
Do you know what your online reputation is?

In years past the reputation that a company had in the town or city where they were located was extremely important to their success. If a company had an excellent reputation among the people they served, it was a good bet that they also made plenty of sales, amassed many new customers and were quite profitable. The reason; excellent word-of-mouth marketing.

On the other hand, a company with a poor reputation was, in almost all cases, doomed to failure due to negative word-of-mouth marketing. Once enough people started talking negatively about a company, its products or its services, there was very little that company could do to change people’s minds and attitudes.

Of course that was back in the “good old days” before the Internet and, frankly, many a company could survive for a few years even if they weren’t exactly taking care of customers correctly or providing them with excellent products or services.

Today however, negative word-of-mouth can make it around the globe in less than 24 hours!

The Internet has made this possible, of course, as well as the burgeoning review website industry including the likes of Yell, Google Plus, Reseller Ratings, and others.

Just like in the days before the Internet your company still has a reputation, but today it’s online. As important as a reputation was years ago, today it’s doubly important because it’s so easy for prospective customers to find out from other customers how your company has treated them, what they think of your products and services and, if they had a negative experience, why they did.

In fact, in some cases there are reviews and opinions about your company online that, because of a customer that might be angry or resentful, are posted with the sole intent of putting a blemish on your reputation, something that all companies need to keep in mind when initially handling customer complaints.

Unfortunately it’s possible today to have a negative online reputation even though your company might have excellent customer service, products and services. All it takes is one mistake with one surly customer and, while not destroyed, your online reputation can certainly be damaged.

That’s why it’s extremely important to keep track and be aware of your online reputation

Including following social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, regularly checking on review websites like Yell etc., and having a system in place to deal with negative reviews immediately so that, while it’s still possible, you might be able to turn their negative review into a positive one.

It also helps to ask your customers to post positive reviews about your company after every purchase. The fact is, if you have 100 positive reviews and one negative review, most people will realise that the negative review was probably a one-time mistake or a customer that’s just being unreasonable. In other words, the more positive reviews you have the easier it will be to “bury” any negative reviews that might be posted online.

Of course the best way to make sure that your online reputation is always sterling is simply to provide excellent services, products and customer service to all of your customers. Do that and the chance of getting a negative review will be much lower.

That being said, if you find that negative reviews are being posted about your company and you believe that they might be fraudulent or false, you might wish to seek the help of a company that can deal with, and possibly remove, these negative reviews and comments.

Hopefully you now realise how important your online reputation is. We are able to offer advise on how to look after yours through our advisors. If you have any questions, please get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you with advice and information.