Birkett Long £50 challenge 2016 in aid of Farley Hospice

20th May 2016 Company News 2192
Birkett Long £50 challenge 2016 in aid of Farley Hospice


We are very proud to announce that once again, the good folk here at Dynamic Consultants will be taking part in the Birkett Long £50 Challenge. It’s a fabulous fundraising idea, sponsored by the very charitable team at Birkett Long solicitors in Chelmsford. The idea is simple… Take a £50 note and turn it into as much money as possible for Farleigh Hospice. The more ingenious the idea, the better! We are currently in long and hard negotiations in the Dynamic office, as we decide which innovative, team-building, money-making task to set our sights on this year. We want to have fun and make a ton of money for a great cause!

Fairleigh Hospice provides care to people affected by life limiting illnesses across mid Essex. Since being established in 1982, the Hospice and its team of healthcare professionals, have grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the community it serves. All of Farleigh Hospice’s services are given completely free of charge. With only approx. 40% of their funding coming from the local NHS, it means that they need support from the local community in order for them to be able to carry on caring. This money is raised through the support and goodwill of local people who fundraise, make donations, leave gifts in wills, play the Fairleigh Hospice lottery and support their High Street charity shops.

The Hospice offers a vital service to those who need it and we are preparing to go all out to raise as much money for them as we can.

With this in mind, we are yet to announce exactly how we are planning to turn our meagre £50 into thousands of pounds. After much rubbing of temples, we think we know just how to make 2016 our best fundraising year yet. One thing we do definitely know, is that we need YOUR support to ensure that the good work of Fairleigh Hospice continues for many years to come. Which awesome fundraising event has been chosen by us? Can the Dynamic team raise to the challenge and be just as Dynamic as their name suggests? Will this years challenge involve facial hair? Who knows? Stay tuned for the answers to this and many more important questions right here!

Whilst we butt heads, you can still hop on over to our fundraising page and start to get the donations rolling in. You can find our very own fundraising page here.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for updates on here, our fundraising page and on social media. Lets turn this team of tubby creatives with a fifty pound note, into an awesome team of fundraising dynamos, all in the name of charity.

UPDATE 20th May 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have finally put our thinking caps on and have come up with a cracking event to turn our £50 into much more lovely money for Farleigh Hospice.

Dynamic Consultants will be holding a FAMILY QUIZ NIGHT on Friday 24th June at Witham Town Football Club.  Tickets are £5.00 per adult and £2.00 per child. Get your advance tickets by emailing We will also be holding a "quid in the bucket" raffle, with a chance for you to win half the money at the end of the night!  Get in!

Follow us on Facebook,  join our event, then get studying to make sure your team win! The Dynamic Quiz Team are going to be hard to beat...

We look forward to seeing you there!