Beat Stress To Be At Your Best This World Health Day

7th April 2017 Lifestyle 927
Beat Stress To Be At Your Best This World Health Day We are all guilty of working too hard at some stage or another.

Invariably, we all spend more time in the workplace that we would like to.  Whether that means working through a lunch hour or putting in extra hours after home time, we are all guilty of working too hard at some stage or another.

Of course, a bit of stress at work can be motivating, and help us to stay focused and to meet new challenges.  It may even bring out our competitive side which sees us achieve higher than our fellow employees.  But that positive stress can turn bad when it becomes excessive and starts to affect our ability to cope.  This is the point where we stop enjoying it and become weighed down with work.  Increased stress levels at work eat into our ability to enjoy time outside of work, and can in some cases, be damaging to both our minds and our bodies.

Stress can be caused by many factors including:

  • The sheer volume of your workload
  • A lack of support from supervisory or managerial staff
  • Working long or antisocial hours
  • Working to tight deadlines
  • Work-related violence and bullying
  • Forging difficult relationships with colleagues

Of course, the way we react to stress can also be potentially dangerous. Unhealthy behaviours such as drinking too much or smoking are often linked to a stressful work life. Their can be physiological factors too, as stress can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

If we stop enjoying our work we can suffer from a lack of appetite, a low self-esteem, diminishing motivation and even difficulties in sleeping. Of course, it can also effect your productivity, leaving you feeling so stressed out that you can’t actually complete a job in a satisfactory way in the first place.

Top Tips For Reducing Stress In The Workplace

In order for us to all be able to stay a little calmer and a lot less stressed in our working lives, there are some clever ways to stop work becoming the be-all and end-all.  Try these top tips to help you find a better work/life balance and reduce stress:

  • Feel like you can’t cope? Reach out to someone at work to let them know how you feel. This could be your manager or a co-worker.  Ideally, a workplace operates as a team and they will want to be able to help you to ensure that you remain productive in the long run.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Not at your desk, of course, but at home look for ways to switch off at nigh time.  A good nights sleep leaves us all feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new day head on.  Try meditating, reading, a hot bath or just spending quality time with your loved ones.
  • Get organised. Spending your working day under a pile of paperwork just creates extra stress. Create a balanced schedule, take breaks when you should and don’t over commit yourself to anything.
  • Break bad habits that contribute to stress. Find a way to work through tough situations with a sense of humour, or by sharing your concerns with your manager or colleagues.
  • De-stress your body. Whenever you need to, take a break from your desk. Walk around, shake your shoulders and release tension.  Eat well and regularly and consume a balanced diet, not one that is full off fats and sugars. Outside of the office, try to find ways to exercise regularly and of course, make sure you get enough of that all important sleep.
  • Learn to say “No”- Don’t feel obligated to say yes to everything. A job half done is worse than one not done at all.
  • Schedule quality social time - However busy you are at work, sometimes it CAN wait. Make time for friends and family to chill and hang out together. Insist on a “no work talk” policy and stop checking your emails when you are out. That way you will enjoy quality time away from the office.
  • Take your holiday allowance - Don’t work all year round just to gather brownie points. You can guarantee your boss will take his or her holidays regularly, so make sure you do the same.  Enjoy it, you deserve it!

Do you have other ways to help relive the stress of work?  Share them with us today