Started in 2009 by Daniel Cook, Dynamic Consultants was created with a single mission; to provide ambitious companies with the tools and vision they need to grow beyond all expectations.

We have worked closely with a number of clients delivering projects across many disciplines and always achieving results in line with our projections.  As a result of our focused approach and successful methods, Dynamic Consultants continues to evolve and grow into a leading provider of business growth solutions for businesses in Essex.


  • 2018

    Hello Yorkshire!

    With our ever evolving client base, which stretches both across the UK and globally, we felt it key to open a second base of operations carefully selecting Halifax as our place for expansion, such a beautiful place and perfectly located to service Leeds, Manchester, Wales and Scotland and more.
  • 2018


    Following on from our year-on-year success, we've evolved beyond the restrictions of a single, physical base of operations. Firstly, we've moved from Braintree to Chelmsford, and secondly we've moved our entire infrastructure onto the cloud, thus harnessing the power of technology and the internet. This means we can work from anywhere in the world, supporting our clients globally.
  • 2017

    New location

    After 8 years located in Witham, our consultancy moved to a new town; Braintree. This was a bold move for us has we had developed some great relationships in the town, and so leaving was difficult decision for us but the right one.
  • 2015

    Bigger office

    With a team of 14 staff and an ever increasing client list, the consultancy moved into larger, more permanent offices within the same building.
  • 2014


    In 2014, Dynamic Consultants become a limited company with an impressive portfolio of ambitious and successful clients, eager to continue their business relationships with them.
  • 2012

    New office

    In order to cope with growing demand and an increasing team, the consultancy moved to an office space in a converted mill in semi-rural Essex.
  • 2011


    To match their ongoing success, Dynamic Consultants underwent an entire rebrand, designed to reflect the caliber of their growing client base.
  • 2010


    Daniel identified a need to offer clients more than just a web design and development solution. His vision of a full service consultancy became a successful business model.
  • 2009


    Founded by Daniel Cook and James Ayling as a small back room operation in 2009. From here they built the early foundations of the consultancy as it is today.