Started in 2009 by Daniel Cook, Dynamic Consultants was created with a single mission; to provide ambitious companies with the tools and vision they need to grow beyond all expectations.

We have worked closely with a number of clients delivering projects across many disciplines and always achieving results in line with our projections.  As a result of our focused approach and successful methods, Dynamic Consultants continues to evolve and grow into a leading provider of business growth solutions for businesses in Essex.


  • 2017

    New location

    After 8 years located in Witham, our consultancy moved to a new town; Braintree. This was a bold move for us has we had developed some great relationships in the town, and so leaving was difficult decision for us but the right one.
  • 2015

    Bigger office

    With a team of 14 staff and an ever increasing client list, the consultancy moved into larger, more permanent offices within the same building.
  • 2014


    In 2014, Dynamic Consultants become a limited company with an impressive portfolio of ambitious and successful clients, eager to continue their business relationships with them.
  • 2012

    New office

    In order to cope with growing demand and an increasing team, the consultancy moved to an office space in a converted mill in semi-rural Essex.
  • 2011


    To match their ongoing success, Dynamic Consultants underwent an entire rebrand, designed to reflect the caliber of their growing client base.
  • 2010


    Daniel identified a need to offer clients more than just a web design and development solution. His vision of a full service consultancy became a successful business model.
  • 2009


    Founded by Daniel Cook and James Ayling as a small back room operation in 2009. From here they built the early foundations of the consultancy as it is today.